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During the first of weeks of P1 we will be very busy making friends, settling into school life and learning all about ourselves!


We will have lots of fun looking at how we have grown, learning about our five senses and talking about our favourite things!


We will also be learning how to hold our pencils and write our own names. How exciting! 


We will learn lots through play (both indoors and outdoors) so be sure to check out our photos... we especially love our messy play in P1! 






All about me!

All about me! 1 My first P1 painting
All about me! 2
All about me! 3
All about me! 4 Look at me!
All about me! 5
All about me! 6 Showing happy faces
All about me! 7 Trying to show sad faces!
All about me! 8
All about me! 9
All about me! 10
All about me! 11 Using sand to write my name

Our senses👅👂👃👀🖐

Our senses👅👂👃👀🖐 1 Just looks at our expressions! We had so much fun.
Our senses👅👂👃👀🖐 2
Our senses👅👂👃👀🖐 3
Our senses👅👂👃👀🖐 4
Our senses👅👂👃👀🖐 5
Our senses👅👂👃👀🖐 6
Our senses👅👂👃👀🖐 7