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P6 – Mr Gilmore

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First of all, welcome back to school! P5 has been and gone and we and about to embark on the adventure of P6. I know the new school year has crept up on you out of nowhere and you are all most probably in shock at the early mornings and homeworks but we are all in the same boat, don’t worry.


Our first topic is Healthy Bodies and we look to explore our bodies, how parts of them work, how we should look after them and how we are similar and different. We will also do our best to make sure lots of the topic is practical, exercise based and, most of all, fun.


We will learn the P6 spellings, mental literacy, mental maths, tables and all of the usual topics covered in Literacy and Numeracy. We will also continue to use Apple TV and Google Apps to make our learning that more interesting and different.


This class page will have information in the sub-pages that you will be able to download, print and learn all year. Remember to look for spelling sheets, mental maths and literacy resources to help add to the knowledge you have gained in P5 and will continue to develop in P6.