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Friday Updates

Dear Parent,


Week one of home learning is now complete. Can it only be one week?

I am so amazed at how the teachers have risen to this challenge and the work that has been produced by our pupils and posted on Seesaw. It’s a real pick-me-up when you see a photo or hear a child’s voice.

However we also realise from our own homes, that trying to teach 3 different aged children, produce 3 meals a day, keep a constantly full house clean and maintain a full-time job is far from easy.

At the start of this when we were expecting to be off for 2 weeks and then return to normality the key focus was to keep the learning going as much as possible. One week in quarantine has changed our perspective somewhat. Your children will have found this all very alien and worrying. Not seeing their friends, not seeing their teacher and not having the interaction they usually have.

Make time for the fun family things. Do the dishes together, sing a song, bake some, have story time, have screen time, have alone time. Most importantly get outside and enjoy the beautiful creation all around us. Be with them and show them that everything will be ok. You are their parents and their family members, NOT their teachers.

When this is all over we will all be in the same boat and we will make sure that they have the tools to succeed in school when the time comes. For now, be a family.


Teachers will continue to post work each day, you choose how much or how little you can achieve with your child/ren. Do not feel anxious about it and certainly do not let it cause arguments. This time together is too fragile. Please also remember that our teachers too have families. Keep communication between 9 and 3 as much as possible.

I know all my members of staff would say that we miss you all and can’t wait until we are all back in our wonderful Spa Community. Stay safe and keep well, and be assured that every little family is in our prayers.


Speak soon,


Audrey Fitzsimons