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P4 – Mrs Hamilton/Mrs Kelly



We hope you enjoy seeing a snapshot of P4!


P4 continue to be busy little bees in and outside of the classroom. Coming back from their break refreshed and ready to learn. We have just began a new topic and started learning our Times Tables. We are continuing to develop and expand our vocabulary, concentrating on the spelling of those tricky words.


P4 continue to show enthusiasm to learn new things, a want to expand their own knowledge and continue to develop new skills. They are eager to challenge themselves and demonstrate resilience on difficult tasks. Well done P4! 


Recently, we have been furthering our discussion on animals in class. We have been interested in one particular bird recently...the owl! Our current topic is Owls, Light and Dark. Children have really enjoyed sharing with their peers what they already know and what they would like to find out about this topic. We have been looking at language linked to this and developing our vocabulary. This is mainly due to our current class novel 'The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark'. We hope to have an owl visit in the next few weeks which we are very excited for!!!



We are learning in...
Rhyme for spelling 'because'
Picture for spelling 'when'
Helping you to spell ‘could', ‘should' and ‘