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P5 – Mrs Kernaghan/ Mrs Quigley

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Mrs Kernaghan/ Mrs Quigley


P5 are enjoying the new opportunities that this year school has brought. So far everyone has worked incredibly hard! We're so proud of you all! Everyone is keeping very busy, we have many children taking part in after school activities, learning a musical instrument and representatives on the Eco-Committee, School Council and Library. P5 will be a fun, enjoyable year for everyone! no


We are going to learn about 'Ancient Egypt' this term. The pupils will learn lots about the pyramids, the pharaohs, tomb raiders and of course gruesome topics like mummification. They will also try to develop an understanding of what life was like for the people who lived in Egypt all those years ago.


They will be given the opportunity to compare differences between modern world and ancient Egypt and use a map to locate important places in Egypt. Who built the pyramids? What was it like for the people of Egypt? What was it like living under the rule of pharaoh? You will find out the answers to these questions over the next term and maybe we can answer a few questions of your own in the process.



All children in the class will be encouraged to take charge of their learning at home with any topics they are interested in and read as wisely as possible.  They will also be given the opportunity to use iPads to enhance many areas of the curriculum. 


Look out for web links, pictures and work produced by our class as we make our way through P.5. smiley