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P5 – Mrs Kernaghan

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Mrs Kernaghan

P5 have settled very well into the busy Primary 5 classroom! They are enjoying the new opportunities that this year brings. So far...everyone is working incredibly hard! I'm so proud of you all! Everyone is keeping very busy, we have many children taking part in after school activities, learning a musical instrument and representatives on the Eco-Committee, School Council and Librarians. P5 will be a fun, enjoyable year for everyone! 



We are going to learn about ‘Space’ this term. The pupils will learn lots about the Solar System – they will learn the names and order of the planets and learn about Space Exploration.


They will be given the opportunity to explore and compare the environment on Earth to other planets. They will also try to develop an understanding of the constellations of the zodiac. The children are already looking forward to making their own rockets and launching them! We visit Armagh Planetarium very soon so keep an eye out for some photos. This is a great educational trip that allows children to explore Space in some more detail.    



All children in the class will be encouraged to take charge of their learning at home with any topics they are interested in and read as wisely as possible.  They will also be given the opportunity to use iPads to enhance many areas of the curriculum. 


Look out for web links, pictures and work produced by our class as we make our way through P.5.