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Good morning everyone, welcome to P7. I’m delighted to see the 2020/21 P7 class safely starting the school year in their classroom. The children have made an excellent start to all the new routines and some more familiar ones as well.

If any children want to e mail me just Google My School Log in and enter your school user name and password which you tried this week. Click on the Office 365 box and you will see an e mail from me. Reply if you can from home. 

This year I intend to use Seesaw a lot to communicate with you both individually and as a group. If you have not received an e mail from me, let me know. My e mail address is



My first priority is to know which children are intending to sit the AQE and/or GL tests this year. Please send me a message to let me know and I will know which group they will be in. If you are not entering your child for the tests they will be working on work from the end of P6. In line with the rest of the school they will not have any homework in September as we assess where they are. 



Thank you for your support. 


Miss Glasgow 

Miss Glasgow