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What is a Digital Leader?


At the end of last year, Mr Gilmore and Mrs Kernaghan held interviews for a group of children to assist with the use of ICT and iPads within the school. These people are Digital Leaders.


They had to go through a formal interview and explain why they felt they would be a good person to do the job and also explain what experience they had in relation to ICT and iPad. The successful candidates also had to show a passion for iPad and ICT so they could pass on their enthusiasm to the pupils in other class as well as the teachers they would be assisting.


Throughout the year, these Digital Leaders will get special iPad and ICT training from Mr Gilmore, iTeach and also the Apple Store in Victoria Square. They will also be asked to preview apps before the pupils use them and also suggest apps and programmes that our school may be able to do to increase the profile of ICT and iPads throughout the school. 

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Spa Digital Leaders 2.0


This year, is the second year Spa Primary have had a dedicated group of Digital Leaders who give up free time to assist management, teachers and peers with the use of ICT within the school.


The Digital Leaders last year were an invaluable resource for the ICT coordinator, staff and pupils of the school and surpassed all initial expectations that were had of them. Maia Carson (chair), Ruby Carlisle, Brooke Rice and Heather Graham have moved on to pastures new in Year 8 but did a stellar job leading the first enrolment of Digital Leaders last year. Thank you for all of your help, girls, and all the best at your next school.


This year, last year's P6's - Lucy Hunter (chair), Rebecca Greaves, Kelly Patterson and Ben Spiers - are taking up the leadership role and I'm sure will do a great job. 


They are joined by our current P6's - Eva Haughey (vice-chair), Peter Quinn, Katie Quinn and Calum Carson - who will assist with all Digital Leader tasks and assignments undertaken throughout the year.

Digital Leaders @ the Apple Store in Belfast