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Eco Committee

Welcome to our Eco-Committee page. 
As an Eco-Committee, it is our job to work with the other children in our school to make it a more environmentally friendly place. We do what we can to organise visitors, workshops and activities to include all classes in what we are trying to achieve. We also try to get children who are not in the Eco-Committee to suggest things that they would like to see happen in their school. 

Spa PS Eco- Committee

The eco committee enjoyed a visit from NI Water. We were able to discuss and consider the harmful impact that single use plastic has on our environment and our world. The eco committee plan to take what they have learned and make a video for the whole school to watch to learn more about how to reduce our use of single use plastic. NI Water also delivered our water butt which we plan to use in school in order to reuse our water.